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Heyyyy this is my newsletter!

It's a collection of ideas that I hope to send to your inbox on Mondays.

My list of hackathon ideas has recently hit 20 pages long, and since It seems like I'm no longer going to hackathons...

It'd be pretty cool if these ideas weren't just a collection of never-fullfilled dreams.

Here's what an email might look like:

Finding your smash-hit song on Spotify's "Discover Weekly" page is hard. It takes me around an hour to get through it :/

What if we can represent songs as gifs, then display all 30 gifs onto a page. Once we learn how songs "look like" we'll be able to quickly veto bad songs.

What you'll probably need to make this:
  • An encoder/decoder network to get compressed song vectors.
  • A way to map song vectors onto images.
  • An algorithm to structure the generated image.
Or you can just analyze spectrograms really well.

- Curtis

I hope to catch you on my list :)