Student/Intern and Aspiring VIM Ninja

Honours Software Engineering Co-op     University of Waterloo     Class of 2023


I’m Curtis, a lover of Github’s Newsfeed, Kaggle, and linear algebra. I’ve spent the last 5 years losing faaaar too much sleep to hackathons and side projects. This site is my Yellow Brick Road to becoming a brilliant programmer.

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Work Experience

Crypto Portfolio Services (Jan 2020)

Crypto Hedge Fund (Aug 2018)

Space Accelerator (July 2016)

Retail Advertiser (July 2017)

Communications (May 2019)

I often find myself getting lost at work and missing the bus on purpose to push that last commit. Work is exciting because I get to decipher written communication and improve upon the solutions of others.

While writing tons of documentation in the process :)

Competitive Programming

The one thing that separates a computer scientist from a competitive programmer is an obsession with Good Will Hunting. I specialize in writing C++ structs to help my BIT offline query at O(nlogn) complexity. Running Square Root Decomp to find the LCA is also fun. Come check out my solutions to over 500 problems.


GPUs are expensive. So after tipping my toe into 10 competitions, I set up a persistent p2.xlarge spot instance and started to write neural nets. You'll find me lurking on Kaggle here and I hope that you enjoy the write-ups to my latest competitions:

Quora's Insincere Classification Top 26%

Jigsaw's Toxicity Classification Top 7%

STEM Fellowship

After placing first at the STEM Fellowship's Big Data Challenge, I jumped down a rabbit hole and joined the Fellowship's Data Science Team to organize data analysis competitions for undergraduates and high school students.

For a year and a half, my team and I wrote a series of data science tutorials, hosted weekly webinars, and mentored participants throughout each competition.

My door’s always open if you need help!

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Hackathons Are the Largest Part of My Life

Three bullet points why:

  • Friends.
  • Cool projects.
  • And the flurry of chemicals that eclipses extraordinary concentration.

My Favourite Winning Hacks

2nd - MHacks 9

1st - Fishackathon 2016

1st - Y Combinator 2019

Winner - Hack The North 2019

Winner - Hack the North 2016

1st - Hack2Action 2016

Personal Favourites

AI that Collects personal metrics to save time

AR overlay that predicts where objects land

Tinder with your brainwaves

Physics engine in Java

Proof-of-dab based cryptocurrency

Chrome Extensions, But For Messenger.com

Other Projects

Ancient Finders




Wattpad Statistics

Alphabet Soup

The Archives

Prom Night - Maximum bipartite matching to help you go prom date catching.

North American Bees - Planting flowers on city towers to boost bee powers.

Inspired by Maria Spivak's Ted Talk: Why Bees are dissapearing.

LNews - Your personal newsfeed to exceed daily deeds.

TTC Headway - Graphing the time in between TTC buses. Insipred by a lifetime of downtime during rushtime.

Geoconnect - When your night’s but spent, Geoconnect hunts for you a nearby event.

CO₂ in Waterloo - Co2 screws the studying kung fu, so I found the best study spots in Waterloo.

Coworm - Have your audience squirm a worm to dodge meteors a million therms.

Binary Snowflakes - Ones and Zeros falling on an HTML canvas for those stonewalling with CSS mistakes.

Calendarize - A Javascript calendar widget for you to clip.

Vim Golf at Citizen Hacks - A lifelong passion turned into terminal fashion.

Word Mix - Find the closest name to each word in this PHP game.

Excel To Post - Converts announcements from a CSV into Wordpress posts. No need for personal accountants!

An Assortment Of HTML Games - Birthday presents split into segments.

Rehackilation - Using the leap motion for muscle promotion.

FaceFind - Using Cordova to help you remember a nova of names.

Lokee - Report a crime spree to fee local thieves

TTEZ - The average co2 emissions on every TTC route. Feel guilt-free when you dine out!

Minotour - Recommended tourist attractions based on contextual info. We're ready for you San Francisco!

Capital μ - The blockchain-powered equity portfolio. Hello Crypto!

TTC Nextbus Archive - When's the next bus coming?

ML in C++ - An implementation of cognition.

Lizzie alerts - Listens for Kaggle updates to change leaderboard fates.

An Intro to JS - A workshop I held for THacks. There were many stacks of fat Ajax packs.

Syncurio - Intruder detection with facial recognition. Trigger alarms with malicious predictions!

WaveBank - Storing EGG data in Postgres to help demential researchers place larger bets.

Open Eye - Using a webcam to analyze where you gaze on websites. Let's help advertizers sell us egg whites!

Home Point - Control your home using androind things, lutron hubs, and google homes. Live like Justinian in Rome.

PiePiper - Convert sketches of a scene into full-blown animations via U-nets. Become Disney without stress.

Messenger Summarizer - A Chrome extesnion that summarizes chats in Messenger.com. Relive your vacation at Vietnam!

Before we part

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