Student/Intern and Aspiring VIM Ninja

Honours Software Engineering Co-op     University of Waterloo     Class of 2023


I’m Curtis, a lover of Github’s Newsfeed, and AWS' Spot Instances. I’ve spent the last 5 years losing faaaar too much sleep to hackathons, side projects, and writing a weekly newsletter about project ideas. This site is my Yellow Brick Road to becoming a brilliant programmer.

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Work Experience

Crypto Portfolio Services (Jan - April 2020)
Perfect Performance Evaluation Here

Communications (May - Aug 2019)

Crypto Hedge Fund (Aug 2018)

Retail Advertiser (July - Aug 2017)
Top 95 Percentile Evaluation Here

Space Accelerator (July 2016)

I often find myself getting lost at work and missing the bus on purpose to push that last commit. Work is exciting because I get to decipher written communication and improve upon the solutions of others.

While writing tons of documentation in the process :)



Hackathons Are the Largest Part of My Life

Three bullet points why:

  • Friends.
  • Cool projects.
  • And the flurry of chemicals that succeeds extraordinary concentration.

My Favourite Winning Hacks

2nd - MHacks 9

1st - Fishackathon 2016

1st - Y Combinator 2019

Winner - Hack The North 2019

Winner - Hack the North 2016

1st - Hack2Action 2016

Personal Favourites

AI that Collects personal metrics to save time

AR overlay that predicts where objects land

Tinder with your brainwaves

Physics engine in Java

Proof-of-dab based cryptocurrency

Chrome Extensions, But For Messenger.com

Other Projects

Ancient Finders




Wattpad Statistics

Alphabet Soup

The Archives

Prom Night - Maximum bipartite matching to help you go prom date catching.

North American Bees - Planting flowers on city towers to boost bee powers.

Inspired by Maria Spivak's Ted Talk: Why Bees are dissapearing.

LNews - Your personal newsfeed to exceed daily deeds.

TTC Headway - Graphing the time in between TTC buses. Insipred by a lifetime of downtime during rushtime.

Geoconnect - When your night’s but spent, Geoconnect hunts for you a nearby event.

CO₂ in Waterloo - Co2 screws the studying kung fu, so I found the best study spots in Waterloo.

Coworm - Have your audience squirm a worm to dodge meteors a million therms.

Binary Snowflakes - Ones and Zeros falling on an HTML canvas for those stonewalling with CSS mistakes.

Calendarize - A Javascript calendar widget for you to clip.

Vim Golf at Citizen Hacks - A lifelong passion turned into terminal fashion.

Word Mix - Find the closest name to each word in this PHP game.

Excel To Post - Converts announcements from a CSV into Wordpress posts. No need for personal accountants!

An Assortment Of HTML Games - Birthday presents split into segments.

Rehackilation - Using the leap motion for muscle promotion.

FaceFind - Using Cordova to help you remember a nova of names.

Lokee - Report a crime spree to fee local thieves

TTEZ - The average co2 emissions on every TTC route. Feel guilt-free when you dine out!

Minotour - Recommended tourist attractions based on contextual info. We're ready for you San Francisco!

Capital μ - The blockchain-powered equity portfolio. Hello Crypto!

TTC Nextbus Archive - When's the next bus coming?

ML in C++ - An implementation of cognition.

Lizzie alerts - Listens for Kaggle updates to change leaderboard fates.

An Intro to JS - A workshop I held for THacks. There were many stacks of fat Ajax packs.

Syncurio - Intruder detection with facial recognition. Trigger alarms with malicious predictions!

WaveBank - Storing EGG data in Postgres to help demential researchers place larger bets.

Open Eye - Using a webcam to analyze where you gaze on websites. Let's help advertizers sell us egg whites!

Home Point - Control your home using androind things, lutron hubs, and google homes. Live like Justinian in Rome.

PiePiper - Convert sketches of a scene into full-blown animations via U-nets. Become Disney without stress.

Messenger Summarizer - A Chrome extesnion that summarizes chats in Messenger.com. Relive your vacation at Vietnam!

Before we part

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